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Foodie Paradise

Scandinavia’s slew of seafood and meat finds a home in Stockholm with its seasonal fare and lengthy smörgåsbords that exhibit dynamic Swedish culture.

Sweden's differing North and South delicacies sandwich together in the country’s capital to offer diners an exhibition of delights. Explore the intricacies of a not-so-typical meat and potatoes dinner washed down with malty ale, or learn about the passed-down traditions of curing and smoking salted and dill-rubbed fish.
Stockholm's restaurant scene is a melting pot of flavors from all around the world.
But of course, you'll find great examples of typical Swedish cuisine, often in contemporary interpretations.

Traditional Swedish cuisine relies heavily on dairy products, root vegetables, seafood, different kinds of meat, berries, and eggs.
Nowadays, you'll find pasta and rice in almost any household.
As the Swedish climate doesn't naturally lend itself to growing citrus fruits, vinegar has also been used instead in cooking and preserving food.

Stockholm’s dessert scene offers plenty of classic dishes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Most Stockholm restaurants serve dessert, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try the classics.
Lesser known but very traditional is the Swedish cheesecake or ostkaka.
The cake has a unique texture and flavor of almond. It’s served with a generous dollop of jam and cream to top it off.