Sweden - Stockholm - Newbie
An Introduction to Stockholm

Known by Stockholmers as ‘beauty on water’, the Swedish capital is strewn across fourteen islands connected by bridges that span the shimmering waterways.

Stockholm is graced with good looks that rival any grand European city.
Pretty cobblestoned streets lined with cardamom-colored facades, fairy-tale palaces, and unbridled parklands where you can picnic under the dappled light of centuries-old oak trees.
Stockholm is one of the more expensive cities to visit in Europe, but it's also beautiful, historical, and just downright cool.

Here is what to do on your first trip to Stockholm.
The charming Old Town is a historic highlight for any visitor to Stockholm. Located in the heart of the city, Gamla Stan is one of the largest and best-preserved medieval centers in Europe.
It dates back to when Stockholm was founded in 1252, and it's great to explore since most of its cobbled streets are reserved just for pedestrians.
Climb the tower at City Hall. Stockholm's City Hall is one of the most recognizable in the city, with its tall square tower and brick facade.

Stockholm is home to some seriously cool museums, a few of which are located on an island called Djurgården.
Learn about Viking history with a visit to The Vasa Museum, roam the Skansen open-air museum, or immerse yourself in the world of 1970s pop music at ABBA The Museum.
Treat yourself to fika. The Swedes have a lovely afternoon tradition of taking a coffee break, often accompanied by a yummy pastry.
This tradition is called fika, and you should indulge, too.